Kustodian is a specialized security company…

..that provides, External and Internal Penetration testing, PCIDSS readiness, pre ISM-IRAP certification, Security consulting, forensics and security training. Kustodian provides SIEM and Security Operation Centre’s developed by Carbyne Fibre to ensure your companies assets are always monitored. Kustodian is an Australian, Middle Eastern, Hong Kong and U.S registered company. Kustodian has been in operational for over 10 years. It was founded by the CEO Chris Rock after spending 12 years in the banking sector and 3 years in the telecommunications sector and provides security services around the world for small, medium and large companies. There are no point and click assessments and there are no trainees or 1st year graduates in our firm. What makes us different to other firms is all our Security Professionals have had over 10 year’s security penetration testing experience. We strive to find a Zero day exploit in every assessment.


Kustodian only employs elite professionals. This gives us an edge on our competition. We strive for 0 day exploits. Employees all own a share in the company, Kustodian are not ‘point and click’ penetration testers, and all our assignments use thorough manual analysis and inspection including fuzzing, reverse engineering and forensics. All our staff have over 10 years’ experience in Security and are proficient with IDA Pro, Olly dB and code analysis. Have a look at some of our clients. Our company tests Government, Commercial and not for profit companies and we cater our pricing to suit your budget. Some of the tests include:

Penetration Testing



Web Application




It has been developed for all companies as a viable alternative to commercial SIEM solutions. The product is free, fully documented, there is no data or node limitations. Kustodian will continue to develop and support SIEMonster with the community. Kustodian have done this development for you and built a SIEM using open source built on Elastic without the price tag of Shield or Marvel. The free open source version is called SIEMonster.

SIEMonster is a free open source unlimited use version comes with all the dashboards, plugins, incident response tools including ticketing systems to make a functioning SIEM and Security Operation Centre (SOC). SIEMonster is a commercial grade enterprise SIEM with dashboard development and a suite of documentation (Standard Operating Procedures, Detailed Designs, DR fail over, Backups, installation guides etc.)

After the successful development and roll out of an Open source SOC into a multi-region stock listed company with over 20,000 seats it made sense to allow companies to use our system for their own environments. The solution can be either onsite in a data centre or in the cloud such as AWS. This solution makes it simple for businesses to use open source SIEM technologies without the development headaches, documentation integration, and unlimited use and is affordable which all other products don’t provide.



An end-to-end encrypted email and data service. Using “two and three factor authentication’ for specific customers’ requirements. Our solution is a headless one, where our servers relocate daily. All data is encrypted and spliced into tiny fragments across multiple countries. No one country holds useable fragments of data. If there is an unstable government or subpoena issued, only a tiny piece of encrypted data exists and we move the location in an instant without disruption. Using our own technologies and techniques all metadata is stripped from emails.

• Security comes first amongst everything
• Unique offshore splintered data solution
• All Metadata stripped bare using our technologies and techniques
• A system that is designed by Security Experts and hackers
• A secure system that we would use for our own data
• A system that is security tested around the clock by penetration testers.
• End to End Encryption of email and data
• Multi vendor Defence in Depth
• Security Cleared Staff
• HSM and PKI Key Management
• Off U.S soil or Ally soil
• DDOS Protection and no Public Access



Because KUSTODIAN™ is a leading edge specialist in system securities, we do one thing, and do it well. KUSTODIAN™ consultants and testers are an elite group of system security experts who have been hand selected from around the world.

KUSTODIAN™ use master mathematicians, ex-hackers, experts on; firewalls, Microsoft products, Solaris and routers. These core groups of tiger team hackers work together on every assignment whether it be finance,military ,health care, retail or government industries. Unlike other auditors, KUSTODIAN™ is never used as a training ground for new penetrations testers, we only use experts, we only use the elite testers.

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