Chris Rock at DEFCON 24 – How to Overthrow a Government

August 2016 – Chris Rock presented “How to Overthrow a Government” to a standing room only crowd at this years Las Vegas, Nevada USA DEFCON 24. Crowds filled the large conference facility at the Bally’s and Paris Hotels to see the second talk that Chris Rock has presented. Those may recall Chris Rock presented “I will kill you” at DEFCON 23.

Chris Rock an expert hacker served an apprentice under Simon Mann a mercenary and coup architect to apply a digital overlay to traditional regime change techniques. The talk was not only entertaining but scary as well the power that hackers that train into other areas can afflict onto the world stage. Will Chris Rock present at DEFCON next year, hes says no……but he said that last year as well.  “I’ve killed people digitally and overthrown governments, bit hard to top that” time will tell. Youtube of video


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