How BlueScope’s CSO saved big with an open-source global security operations centre with Kustodian

dreamstime_xl_46129268October 29th 2015 – BlueScope and Kustodian have partnered to develop an Open Source Security Operation Centre. BlueScope were not interested in paying for exorbitant licensing fees for a SOC and SIEM products. They approached Kustodian to build them one. A fully operation Open Source Security Operations Centre built on Elastic technology.

Kustodian will now launch their Open Source SOC for everyone available on Amazon or Images for customers Data Centres.

Normally SOC’s are either expensive or require a lot of development. Kustodian has removed both of these hurdles for large business, medium business and even charity organisations. Kustodian have also produced a full suite of documents for the solution against ISO 27001 and PCIDSS. High Level and Detailed Designs, Operation Guides, Disaster Recover procedures ensures customers can insert the solution with accompanying documentation into there existing ISMS framework.