Kustodian to launch open source SIEM off the shelf in early 2016

Kustodian is to launch an Enterprise Security Operations Centre SIEM product in early 2016 called SIEMonster which is completey FREE. After the successful development and roll out of an Open Soc into a multi region stock listed company with over 20,000 seats it made sense to allow companies to use our system for their own environments. As a manager or security officer, it is crucial you know whats going on in your environment no matter the business without a hefty price tag excluding you from the technology. Get alerted when staff are accessing systems they shouldn’t via sms or email, or when an administrator creates a privileged account. Be alerted when an executive is using email from a destination that is different from their current location. The rules and alerts to suit your business are limitless.


SIEM’s are traditionally complex and expensive and come with ongoing annual support and license fees, limited to servers, nodes or GB per day. The alternative is Open Source which is free but requires thousands of hours of development, documentation, security enhancements and is too complex for the average business to roll out with usable data. We have removed all of these barriers and done it all for you. You can monitor your environment including SCADA systems using as many servers, clusters or GB per day with no limitations that commercial SIEM’s mandate. The Enterprise grade solution also comes business ready with a full ISMS documentation suite, so it will slot into your existing documentation so no project costs are required. The solution can be either onsite in a data centre or in the cloud such as AWS. This solution makes it simple for businesses to use open source SIEM technologies without the development headaches, documentation integration, unlimited use and is affordable which all other products don’t provide.

SIEMonster th comes with support, plugins, rule and dashboard development and a suite of documentation (Standard Operating Procedures, Detailed Designs, DR fail over, Backups, installation guides etc, support plans for Enterprise are available

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