SIEMonster presents at BlackHat Arsenal to a large crowd

August 2016 – Chris Rock the CEO of Kustodian and SIEMonster presented SIEMonster, an Open Source Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) in Las Vegas, Nevada at this years BlackHat Arsenal 2016. A great crowd turned out to see the product which provides companies with a completely free turn key SIEM solution that is scalable to any business size, from a small home business to a multi national company. ┬áThe crowd saw a two hour demonstration of the product followed by a 45 minute formal presentation. “It was great to meet a group of Security Professionals that wanted an open source SIEM that provided ‘like for like’ functionality with the big players like ArcSight and Splunk but provide bleeding edge features built by the community. SIEMonster also provides the documentation and training material that a lot of open source products don’t provide.” said Chris Rock after the event. The new Version 2 of SIEMonster will be released in November of this year and provide features such as an MSSP Multi-tenancy edition, Bro/Tardis and Suricata/Snort integration with some other great alerting features seen at Blackhat and DEFCON this year.